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An Evening with Jonathan
An Evolutionary Journey thru' the Lens

Sharing the images, the story behind each one and the life lessons gifted

Blue Cedar Gallery
3 Silver Street
Glastonbury BA6

Gallery is open Mon-Sat 11.00am - 5.00pm 
Saturday 11.00am -5.00pm

Books Posters and Cards also on sale.

Glastonbury Somerset UK

Jonathan Trapman Glastonbury Exhibition 2018

Life Lessons through the Lens

An exhibition of Jonathan Trapman's seminal work over five decades

The Blue Cedar Gallery in Glastonbury will be host to an exhibition of Jonathan's work

An Evening with
Jonathan Trapman
An Evolutionary Journey

Over five decades I have been privileged to visit, photograph and encounter some extraordinary people and places across the world. In a professional career earning recognition as one of the industry's renowned practitioners, I have also been gifted, outside of awards, praise etc,  personal experiences that became life changing pivotel moments on my journey.

The stories, lessons and events emanating from photographing the diverse canvas of natural and human life have been riveting and transformatory. In an industry rife with self absorption, ego and specious existence, wherein I participated first as a photojournalist, then as an advertising photographer I was both gently and roughly thrown experiential encounters gradually moulding transformation of my own image and comprehension of the world around me.

Each image holds not only valuable insights, lessons and growth potential for myself but as the years have accumulated I recognise, although personal to me, their core is universal. Sharing such meetings and my images over the years has triggered and developed an incredible connective relationship to those participating. It reveals how we are in essence and through each of our own personal experiences, a part of the vast family of humanity. Technology today seems strangley to seperate us many times from the awareness of this reality. That very awareness, as it bubbles up within the context of "An Evening with...." shows us all how imperative it is to not only share community but interact within a framework of listening, tolerance, loving kindness and desire to learn from each other. We have so much to teach and learn from others and with today's world looking and feeling so grim, dark and fearful, it is our collective endeavour that will ultimately break these cycles creating essential and natural evolutionary change within each and all of us.

"Evenings with Jonathan" dates

Each evening starts 7.00 pm for 7.30pm - 9.00pm 

Dates for 2024/25 to come

Evolutionary Journey
Life Lessons thru the Lens

"An extraordinary and unique journey" - DC

"Talking fluently from the heart and with wonderful stories" - TW

"Wonderful ! Very informative and inspiring" - JM

"Enjoyed your talk very much... very informative. I loved the spiritual outlook to experiences you have been involved in"
- HJ

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