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"Photography is not about looking, it is about feeling. If you cannot feel what you see, then neither can the viewer" - Jonathan Trapman

Welcome to Jonathan Trapman's Legacy Folio of Photography
Evolutionary Journeys

Feel free to cruise the archives. Most images are available in a variety of formats
The links above should guide you. Please connect with Jonathan through the contact form

  • newyorkskyline1983cr1263
  • threemenfishingaltaicutoutcr1263
  • 24x16nyccp-cr-1263
  • mongol-patchwork-cr1263
  • mongol-shepherd-boy-cr1263
  • tallinn-dutch-study-cr-1263
  • mausoleumdusk-cr1263
  • rudge-glasses-cr-1263
  • postpatrol-cr1263
  • callanish-c-1263
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  • appleblossomtime-cr-1263
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